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Knowing the needs and wishes of GPS ’clientele is guaranteed, due to the fact the those who created GPS Classic were also its first clients. Their mission, before becoming entrepreneurs, was to be experts, admirers, collectors and connoisseurs of Vintage Cars. This is a genuine strong point for GPS Classic, having people with whom you can confide, whom can assist in making your projects come true and who speak the same jargon.

Like all historians, also the GPS Classic team have developed their own ‘preference’ based on the past, a precise area of collecting, that of competition where the car’s engine and the ability of the pilot are tested to the limits, working as one, maintaining body and soul of the car watching it run, screeching, working on all cylinders ,hugging the road with engines roaring round the circuit.

“Collezionism statico”: a way to live and breathe vintage cars, to cherish and appreciate them. “Collezionism dinamico”: to which GPS Classic is mostly connected, is a way to relate many qualities into one; an authentic passion, the ability to respect and understand the potentiality of the car, and the capability to enjoy handling it.

It is this the culture in which GPS Classic believes in, passion, know-how, and respect for the car. The company takes on the role of providing professional technical expertise and assisting the client in obtaining the best performance from their cars

The philosophy on which GPS Classic was created, is based on providing the best customer care possible, assisting Vintage car owners with their specific needs and wishes, making dreams come true.
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